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There’s a first time for everything. Shout out to free kayaking in NY this past weekend.

There’s a first time for everything. Shout out to free kayaking in NY this past weekend.

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The Haitian Revolution - A short Reading List (of Anglophone scholars)

"More than two hundred years after Haitian independence was declared on January 1, 1804, it remains a challenge to perceive the spirit that fueled the first abolition of slavery in the New World and gave rise to the second independent nation in the Americas. As recently as ten years ago, the Haitian Revolution (1789-1804), which created ā€œHaitiā€ out of the ashes of French Saint Domingue, was the least understood of the three great democratic revolutions that transformed the Atlantic world in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. That is no longer true. In the decade since the 2004 bicentennial, a genuine explosion of scholarship on the Saint-Domingue revolution has profoundly enriched our memory of what Hannah Arendt, in her comparative study of the American and French revolutions, called ā€œthe revolutionary tradition and its lost treasureā€. It is not clear to what extent this development has affected broader public understandings of the Haitian predicament, however."

By ProfessorĀ Malick W. Ghachem for theĀ John Carter Brown Library online exposition: ā€œThe Other Revolution: Haiti 1789-1804.ā€

* Much more scholarship could have been included in this list. To find more monographs and articles on the Haitian Revolution or, for a general reading list on Haiti, see hereĀ and here.

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It’s not easy..

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